Find helping tools and resources for selling your home.  For a free competitive market analsysis, just call or email us!

Seller Advisory in Oregon –  What every homeowner needs to know before selling their home in Oregon.

Escrow – Good resource to understanding what the role of escrow does in a home transaction.

Permits – What you need to disclose if you have an addition or remodel that requires a permit.

Radon – Latest information on Radon.  Should you test for Radon?  Answers these questions for you in this informative from the EPA.

Well TestingWhat to know when your well will be tested.

Oil Tanks – What you should know about oil tanks and decommissioning.

Lead Base Paint – EPA informational brochure  to know about homes built before 1978.

Woodstoves – New regulations about Oregon uncertified woodstoves.

Mold Mold can grow in many homes.  Check out this helpful resources for more information.

Portland Maps – Super resource for permit historical permits and oil tank locates.

CCB Board – Check on a contractors license, as well as any complaints filed.