Our experience both with real estate and mortgage loans has been wonderful thanks to the hard work of Kristen and Dan Hardy.  We highly recommend working with them toward your home purchase or financing needs.  I met Kristen many years ago, did not know her at that time but since our relationship has grown into a friendship.  Kristen showed us a property which we ended up purchasing.  She made it fun and easy and then her husband, Dan, took care of our loan and made the whole process less stressful. We still to this day turn to them for our current real estate needs and mortgage loans.  We are “repeat customers.”  Why change a “good thing”?  They are professional, they listen, they act, and most of all “they truly care.”  If anyone asks us who we would recommend then look no further.   You will have someone you can trust with your home search and your mortgage needs.  They are the best.
The Daube’s  |  West Linn Oregon

You were a tremendous help in the house hunting/buying process.  Can’t imagine getting through it without your knowledge and support!
The Pearson’s | Sherwood, Oregon
When my husband and I began the journey of buying our first home, family and friends were ready to share with us the difficulties and headaches involved in the process.  Thanks to the guidance and help we received from Kristen Hardy, our first home-buying experience was a real pleasure!  We have no horror stories to share with friends, due in large part to working with Kristen.  Her knowledge of real estate in the area, combined with her patience and ambitious attitude made her a true ally for us as first time home buyers.  We were consistently impressed by her positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond our expectations, throughout the entire home-buying process.  We cannot thank Kristen enough for all of her help and assistance!
Anna & Ryan | Sherwood, Oregon

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING GUYS!!  We will definitely refer you to all of our friends, we love you guys. We are very thankful for your patience.
The Jamisons  |  Oregon City

What was supposed to take three to four weeks turned into two months, with another snag or two along the way, but in the end, everything worked out, and we moved into our new home against all odds! I have no desire to repeat this process again any time soon, but if I did, one thing is certain… I would not do it without Dan and Kristen Hardy on our team!  They are awesome, and we owe all our newfound peace and happiness to them. They could have easily walked away at any point, and I am sure many realtors would have, but they stuck it out, kept their word, and saw us through the turbulent waters to the finish line. Integrity is not a common virtue in people these days, the tough economy tends to bring out the opportunist in people, and many people seem to be only looking out for themselves. In the Hardys, we found those rare qualities of professionalism, honesty, and empathy, and our family is blessed, and far better off for having met them. It Is my pleasure to write this recommendation for their business, and I hope that others can take some comfort in my assertion that they are in good hands with Dan and Kristen, (and little Lucy).  I realize now looking back, that over the course of the past year, they became more than just our buyers agents, they became our friends. Our family will always be grateful for what they did for us.
Ramen & Shawn,  first time home buyer  | Hillsboro, OR

Far Beyond Real Estate Wisdom.   Dan and Kristen Hardy are incredibly GOOD PEOPLE.   We were difficult home buyers, at best.   We had no idea what we wanted or where but knew we wanted and needed to buy a home that would work for our family and home based businesses. Dan has a solid background in finance and has been in the area for many years.  Translation:  He  and Kristen know everybody associated with home buying from lenders to appraisers to the guy making coffee on the corner near where you want to buy your home and everybody they know loves them as much as we now do.  Our credit union recommended Dan and Kristen as “the ones you want to work with”.  The title company said, “you’re working with the best!”.   I don’t know how Dan is in so many places at once and I have no idea how Kristen was able to respond to our emails immediately after we sent them.  They are simply phenomenal at their jobs.  They really love what they do and it showed in every interaction.  We have purchased several homes in the past.  I’ve never wanted to keep my realtors as friends until now.   Not only were they incredibly  patient as they showed us a number of homes, they called us when they found “the perfect home”.  They had taken the time to listen to us so carefully that we just signed the closing papers on that same perfect home and couldn’t be happier.

Reach out and ask us anything about working with the Hardy’s.   We are both happy to respond with the beautiful truth of our experience with Hardy Properties.   They know everything, we now love them and I want everyone to buy their home from Dan and Kristen because the experience should be just like this.
David & Tressa | Portland, OR

You and Dan have been wonderful thru this “difficult transaction!!!!  Thanks for everything!!
Tabby  |  Wilsonville, OR

Thank you….thank you for all your hard work.  Thank Kristen for me, too!  She’s a great help.
Gilbert & Leticia | McMinnville, OR

Dan and Kristen Hardy are very outgoing and helpful people when you need to either find a home to purchase or just refinancing an existing property.  My wife and I have done both through a close and professional relationship with the Hardy’s.  Dan is very knowledgeable and skilled in the most up to date financial instruments and programs available for real estate purchases.  Kristen knows the real estate market in the Portland/Metro area and is very conscientious and willing to do whatever it takes to find the home that is right for you.  Both Dan and Kristen are easy to talk with and understanding of your desires and needs.  We enjoyed working with them during our last purchase and subsequent refinances for the home we plan to enjoy well into our retirement years.  Thank you Dan and Kristen!
Richard and Lorinda Bergen | Unique Home Services, LLC  Tigard, Oregon

Thanks for everything.  You guys rock!
Kathy  |  Portland, OR

JoAnne | Newberg OR

Thanks for walking me through two real estate transactions.  You were great to work with, and I appreciated your commitment to helping me find the perfect home! 
Linda  |  Newberg OR

Dan and Kristen are not only a fabulous team, but all-around great humans.  Dan was recommended to us by our mortgage advisor, Deric Schoof (also reviewed, 5 stars!). Since we knew and trusted Deric, and they had a working relationship, we went with his suggestion. I am SO GLAD we did!  The first time we met Dan, I felt like he was really listening to us and what things were on our “need” list, “want” list, and “wish” list. We had been watching the listings on redfin for a while, so we sent several of them to Dan and asked if he could arrange some appointments to see them. We saw every single one within the week (depending on sellers’ schedules) and Kristen brilliantly planned the appointments in a nice organized route to maximize time. It took several weeks to find a home (partly because we were outbid a few times), but I never lost hope that Dan and Kristen would help us find the perfect one. We were complete newbies and they were there for us with every tiny little question about a home, the process, etc.   Dan was also very honest about each home and its potential for our family (“great house but the _____ wouldn’t work for you, I think”). Heading home and reflecting, we always realized he was right.  He never let us get distracted by the shiny things, always noting things that were missing from our list or necessary repairs that would be insurmountable with our budget. I have said this in my review of Deric, but it’s so true– The team of Dan, Kisten, and Deric made everything so easy! I felt like we got to just point to a house and say “I want that one” and they would make it work.  The most stressful part for me was the waiting!
Kristen does all the admin while Dan is out with the clients, but when we finally met her at signing, it felt like seeing an old friend.
Hardy Properties is definitely a good choice!
Jenny | Hillsboro, OR

Thank you so much for helping move.  It is things like that that people never forget.
Justin & Jennifer  |  Milwaukie, OR

We really appreciate all of your help!
Bryan & Mariah  |  Boring, OR

Dan listened to what I wanted and didn’t try to sell me more. When we found our home, he bent over backwards dealing with the numerous issues that popped up and negotiated a fantastic deal. As a first time home-owner, I don’the think we could have had a better realtor.
Vivien | Wilsonville, OR

Dan Hardy was just wonderful. Him and his team were there anytime with the latest news and advice. Dan bargained hard working hard to get us everything we could need. I would recommend Dan to anyone who wants to find their deam home. Just as he did for us!
Jon | Tualatin, OR