Oregon Buyer Advisory  – Great resources for Oregon buyers to learn more about home inpsection, septic and wells to much, much more.  We like to encourage all buyers to read this before purchasing a home.

Oregon School Report Cards Check out local schools and how well they are performing.

Escrow – Good resource to understanding what the role of escrow does in a home transaction.

Deeds – different ways to Recording Deeds

Mortgage – Understanding more about a home mortgage.

Radon – Latest information on Radon.  Should you test for Radon?  Answers these questions for you in this informative from the EPA.

Oil Tanks – What you should know about oil tanks and decommissioning.

Well Testing – What you need to know when you have a well tested.

Sewer Scopes – More information about this process, and should you have a sewer scope performed on a home.

Lead Base Paint – EPA informational brochure  to know about homes built before 1978.

Woodstoves – New regulations about Oregon uncertified woodstoves.

Mold Mold can grow in many homes.  Check out this helpful resources for more information.

Portland Maps – Super resource for permit historical permits, oil tanks and crime in Portland area

CCB Board – Check on a contractors license, as well as any complaints filed.